Giltrap Forage Wagons


Giltrap Forage Wagons have become a legacy brand on the farm for good reason. For 50 years farmers have told us what they wanted in a forage wagon, and today’s Giltrap Forage Wagons are the result.

Farming is very different today to what it was 50 years ago, and the success of our Giltrap wagons is not just a product of our ability to listen to farmers’ needs, but also to stay one step ahead. 

Simple to use while delivering exceptional agronomic performance, Giltrap Forage Wagons take the nutritional outcomes of your farm to the next level. 

Our extensive range is built to handle all feed types from grass, maize, whole crop cereal and silage, to long and precision-cut, round or square bales for all farm sizes. 

Giltrap is and has always been a leader in introducing industry-leading technology. Farmers requiring more from their forage wagon can choose from a broad range of options and accessories, such as wireless weighing and feed rate automation for precise control.

We recommend talking to your local dealer and/or your farm advisor to settle on the model specifications you require.