Duncan Contour Rollers

The Contour Tyre Roller has two wheels per independent oscillating assembly for the best ground following ability in closing the slots and ensuring good seed-to-soil contact.

Key Features

  • 2 wheels per oscillating assembly for better ground following ability
  • Fully powder coated finish
  • Ability to add water weight
  • Made with new tyres
  • Jack stand
  • Hydraulic folding frame for wider than 3.5m models
Contour Rollers Specifications

3m 3.5m5.3m6m
Overall width (mm) 3000366055606280
Transport width (mm)3000366030003000
Working height (mm)1030103011501150
Transport height (mm)--32603615
Length (mm)--40504050
Qty of tyres14203034
Turf tyre23x10.5-1223x10.5-1223x10.5-1223x10.5-12