Duncan Enviro DD45/50/55

These Enviro DD models are folding versions of the DD30.  Perfect for large scale farmers and contractors.  These machines are easy to set up and operate, and the folding frame ensures that it is wide at work and narrow to transport.  An extensive list of options including press wheels make these very versatile drills. 

Seed size:
Small to large
Operation size:
300Ha plus
Key Features

  • Large, easy access loading platforms & safety rails
  • Unique scalloped disc creates tilth and leads the plain disc which opens up the slot
  • Duncan touchscreen electric drive system with GPS speed sensing
  • Accord type metering and air system with hydraulic fan
  • Wide flotation transport wheels
  • Automatic wing locks when in transport
  • Hydraulically controlled downward pressure on the wings
  • Easy sowing depth adjustment
  • Bin level sensors in hoppers
  • Large 1200 litre hoppers with internal distributor heads

Distributor head & mesh screen in the hopper

Hydraulic fan with splitter

2 point hitch tow coupling

Depth adjustment on rams

Folded for transport

Heat exchanger to dry and warm transport air

Air seed distribution

Our air distribution systems consist of a high-speed hydraulically powered fan, which blows air through a venturi system and distributor heads out to the ground engaging components, which are either discs or tines.

Seed and fertiliser is metered out of the storage hoppers and drops into the passing airstream.

The fan has an oil cooling radiator mounted to the suction inlet which warms and dries the air to minimise blockages in humid conditions.

Air distribution is excellent on hills, uneven terrain or smooth worked ground because the seed is always being blown to the ground, rather than relying on gravity, chatter and hose vibration.

The air hoppers are typically larger than the gravity boxes so they are easier to fill, and air seeders can be wider than gravity drills and easily folded up to a transport width.

Double disc technology

Lower investment cost than a triple disc drill and lower maintenance costs with less wearing parts.

Large 380mm diameter heat treated discs work hard and have a long life.

A scalloped disc leads 30mm ahead of a plain disc to cut through trash and open up a rough slot creating tilth for good germination. The (full assembly) leading scalloped disc removes the need for an opening disc.

The plain disc holds the slot open to place the seed and the fertiliser into the slot.

The spring loaded jump assembly creates downward pressure but also allows the discs to ride up and over rocks and obstacles.

An optional press wheel or harrows close the slot to help with seed to soil contact and traps moisture.

Duncan touch screen electric drive

All DD45, DD50 and DD55 drills have our high torque electric drives and a touchscreen electronic rate control. This advanced system is simple to use and gives the user instant feedback about the operating state of the drill.

Packed with features, including:

* Precision and flexibility to vary planting rates electronically

* Fingertip calibration adjustments

* Includes touch-screen control for turning planting on and off

* Checks drilling rates and areas planted in real time

* High torque electric motor drives and reduction gearboxes

* Visual and audible warnings of drilling rates and bin levels

* Transfer job data between the field and the office using a USB port

Add a GPS aerial for coverage mapping, record keeping and proof of planting.

Calibration App

Use the Duncan Seed Drill app on your phone for easy and accurate job configuration and calibration of any new or existing Duncan Renovator or Duncan Enviro drill, and take your drilling operations to the next level of productivity.

The Duncan seed drill app contains step-by-step user guides for making calibration and mechanical adjustments to your drill. Great for any new operator or if you're just a bit rusty yourself!

Calibrate multiple machines with the app, and get every operator set up with it too so they can do calibrations from their own phone.

Calibrating a ground drive drill with seed or fertiliser will display the required mechanical settings.

Connect wirelessly to a Duncan E-Drive drill to set up the sowing rates and run calibrations while you are right beside the drill.

Enviro DD45/50/55 Specifications

32 Run
38 Run
34 Run
40 Run
36 Run
44 Run
Sowing width (mm) 4800 4750 5100 5000 5400 5500
Transport width (mm) 3100 3100 3100 3100 3100 3100
Overall width (mm) 4920 4920 5320 5320 5820 5820
Overall length (mm) 5225 5225 5225 5225 5225 5225
Height - Working height (mm) 2940 2940 2940 2940 2940 2940
Height - Transport height (mm) 3265 3265 3265 3265 3265 3265
Unladen weight (kg) 4960 5172 4800 5050 4950 5200
Row spacing (mm) 150 125 150 125 150 125
Hopper capacity (l per side) 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Recommended min tractor HP 160 160 160 160 160 160
Optional Extras

Please select your extras from the options listed below then click ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’.

Press wheels
Rear tow bar
Tine harrows
Jack stand
Lighting kit
Contour roller
ISOCAN and ISOBUS controls to integrate with tractor systems

Topcon systems deliver powerful functionality with intuitive interfaces.

Offered as an as alternative to the Duncan touch-screen system, the Topcon solution can be installed in two configurations.


Choose the ISOCAN Artemis system for full electric drive and control, supplied with an independent user interface. Rich in features including:

Color touch-screen display
Auto pre-start function
Variable rate capability
Quick and easy product calibration
Clear, uncluttered display provides intuitive operation
Gets product to the coulters before the drill starts moving
Set application rates and manually adjust as required
Ensures ease of calibration between crop types/varieties and so maximum accuracy
Choose the ISOBUS system to connect directly to your tractor's user interface. This is supplied without an independent touch-screen display.

Will operate on any ISOBUS compliant UT
Permits drill operation with most modern tractors