APV Slug bait spinner

The ES 100 M3 Special is ideal for spreading grass seed or slug bait. The working width can be adjusted for the specific requirements from the driver’s seat using the control box. The seeding rate can be quickly and easily adjusted using a metering shutter.

Key Features

  • 2 -24 metre working width
  • Unit weighs 30kg empty
  • 105 litre hopper
  • 12v, 25 amp power supply
  • 3 metre cable from battery to the control panel
  • 6 metre cable from the APV unit to the control panel in the tractor cab
  • Dispersion plate for improved accuracy
  • Model 3.5 control panel
  • Automatic starter for compacted material
APV Slug Bait Spinner Specifications

Working width (m) Up to 28m
Max. spread rate Up to 5 kg / min
Dimensions (cm) 105 high x 55 wide x 60 deep
Seed tank capacity (L) 105
Net weight (kg) 30
Power 12V/25A