Duncan Enviro 740

Solid and rugged construction makes it evident that the Enviro 740 is built to last, and with independent triple disc assemblies for maximum ground contact it's excellent for drilling over undulating ground. Adjustable press wheels control the seed depth over the entire sowing width for enhanced soil to seed contact and increased moisture retention to promote germination.

Seed size:
Small to Large
Operation size:
from 100 Ha
Key Features

  • Independent drag arms with triple discs and press wheels for each row
  • Easy access front and rear loading platforms with safety rails
  • 130mm / 5 1/4" or 150mm / 6" row spacing options
  • Weather skirts cover seed / fertiliser outlets
  • Depth control via the wheel legs and the press wheels
  • Stainless steel agitator shafts in boxes
  • Accurate and reliable gearbox
  • Peg roller seed / fertiliser distribution units
  • Weigh kit with electronic scales and hectaremeter
  • Sows a variety of seeds and fertiliser
  • Free-wheeling hub and safety chains for transport
  • 15/17/19/21/23/26 row models
  • Tractor grip tyres



Unique 'Duncan' triple disc system

400mm opening turbo tilth discs for cutting through heavy trash

Adjustable wheels for closing the slot and controlling the depth

Peg seeder units with large and small seed wheels for most varieties of seed and fertiliser

Front and rear platforms for easy access and safe loading

Gravity seed distribution

Our reliable metering system has been utilised on Duncan Drills for years. It is easy to calibrate and use, requires no tractor hydraulics to run it and it is incredibly accurate due to the seeds being metered from individual outlets for each run, with sowing rates of less than 1kg/hectare achievable.

Seed and fertiliser is stored in boxes above the drilling discs and drops into the metering peg roller system for each run, with paired large and fine seed wheels, and flow control flaps to handle different seed sizes and sowing rates.

The metered seed and fertiliser then drops down flexible hoses to be planted.

Each run outlet is metered individually providing a high degree of accuracy. Shutter slides at the top of each metering device are used to control the seed flow entering the metering unit and can also be used to shut off a seed row if it is not required. All the box shafts and drive shafts are made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and longevity.

The calibration tray collects the seed when calibrating and conveniently is used to cover the metering units to stop any foreign matter entering the metering unit in operation.

A stainless steel agitator shaft runs in the base of each box to eliminate compaction and bridging, and improves the flow of fertiliser and seed into the metering units.

Adjustable flaps control the outlet flow of seed and fertiliser from the metering unit.

Our system of dual large and fine metering wheels allow for a wide range of seed types and fertilisers to be used. Disconnecting the large wheel with the supplied tool lets you sow small seeds at very low rates under 1kg /hectare.

Engage the large wheel for larger cereal or grass seeds and fertilisers at high rates, still with a high degree of accuracy.

Calibration App

Use the Duncan Seed Drill app on your phone for easy and accurate job configuration and calibration of any new or existing Duncan Renovator or Duncan Enviro drill, and take your drilling operations to the next level of productivity.

The Duncan seed drill app contains step-by-step user guides for making calibration and mechanical adjustments to your drill. Great for any new operator or if you're just a bit rusty yourself!

Calibrate multiple machines with the app, and get every operator set up with it too so they can do calibrations from their own phone.

Calibrating a ground drive drill with seed or fertiliser will display the required mechanical settings.

Connect wirelessly to a Duncan E-Drive drill to set up the sowing rates and run calibrations while you are right beside the drill.

Triple disc technolgy

Has an independent 400mm diameter fluted opening disc, mounted well forward of each double disc assembly, which allows the drill to break into extremely hard ground and cut trash.

The double disc setup follows directly behind the opening disc, holding the slot open while the seed and fertiliser is placed into the slot.

The sowing depth is accurately controlled by a following press wheel, which also closes the slot. The depth setting is individually set on each press wheel.

Enviro 740 Specifications

Rows15 17 19 21 23 26
Weight (kg) 2730 3080 3485 3850 4200 4725
Sowing width (mm) 2250 2210 2850 2835 3450 3380
Overall width (mm) 3284 3284 3884 3884 4644 4644
Overall length (mm) 3750 3750 3750 3750 3750 3750
Height (mm) 1520 1520 1520 1520 1520 1520
Box capacities (l) 349 349 443 443 538 538
Row spacing (mm) 150 130 150 135 150 130
Recommended min tractor HP 100 100 100 100 100 100
Optional Extras

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Touch screen electric drive for simple and accurate calibration

Duncan drills can now combine our designs which have been proven through years of development with world class control technology.

Most models have the option to fit our new high torque electric drives and a touchscreen electronic rate control, instead of the standard jockey wheel with mechanical drive. This advanced system is simple to use and gives the user instant feedback about the operating state of the drill.

Packed with features, including: 

  • Precision and flexibility to vary planting rates electronically
  • Fingertip calibration adjustments
  • Includes touch-screen control for turning planting on and off
  • Checks drilling rates and areas planted in real time
  • High torque electric motor drives and reduction gearboxes
  • Visual and audible warnings of drilling rates and bin levels
  • Transfer job data between the field and the office using a USB port

Add a GPS aerial for coverage mapping, record keeping and proof of planting.

Rear tow bar
Stainless steel boxes
Small seeds box
Seed level indicators
Row spacing