Forage Wagons

We have two great brands for you to choose from so you can find something that fits your farming needs at a price that’s right for you.

Our engineers ensure that robust and proven designs are combined with precise feed control and electronic weighing options to help you deliver on your feed programmes with total accuracy.

Our range of forage wagons are tough and smart, just like the people who build them.

Giltrap Forage Wagons

Our flagship brand of forage wagons has been the most popular in its class around the world since the early 1970’s. Always seen as a market leader, Giltrap introduced farmers to innovative ideas like hydraulic load sensing and wireless weighing technology, which are staple features of our machines today. The line-up of six heavy-duty side delivery models from 9 to 25 cubic metres capacity will cater to farms of every size and workload. Stacked with other great standard features like stainless steel sides, mudguards, LED lights and backed up with a three-year warranty you’ll soon see why Giltrap Wagons are regarded as a premium choice.

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Buckton Forage Wagons

Engineered for nearly 50 years by the Buckton family who understood the functionality and toughness that farmers demand from their equipment, Buckton built a reputation for hard working engineering. Today, Buckton wagons are perfect for the farmer that wants agility and long proven reliability combined in a machine that is simple to use and maintain, all for a very competitive price. Designed and built in the Giltrap factory to the same exacting standards but without some of the add-ons, Buckton keeps things easy and we back it up with a full 12-month warranty. Choose from nine models in either side delivery or centre feed configuration, that are packed with proven features and custom options to keep on top of your herd’s nutrition demands.

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