Giltrap G2X2 Bale Feeder

Trusted and proven performance for feeding out round bales safely, efficiently, and reliably day in, day out.

The stainless steel lined cradle design is both smart and robust with a low centre of gravity while retaining round
bales securely.

Two-stage sequence loading gives total control of loading and removing twine and plastic, saving you more of your valuable time and fodder.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger, smoother-functioning, longer lasting, better value trailed bale feeder than the Giltrap G2X2!

Key Features

  • Carries 2 x round bales of up to 6ft – gets the job
    done with less travel - saving you time. The tapered teeth on 6mm zinc-plated bars are aggressive but release feed cleanly
  • 2-stage HD headstock hydraulic loading system – total control of bales allowing easy net/plastic removal and soft loading into the feed cradle
  • Large diameter pivot pins with replaceable bronze bushes on the lift system pivots
  • 3’’ 15000lb solid pin chain with HD bolted tine
    bars – improved tearing action of tight bales with more durability
  • Bale spike HD headstock with 2 position setting – allows for faster more effective loading of 4ft - 6ft bale heights
  • Feeds from either side – versatility in directing fodder, while handling not-so-perfect bales
  • Wheel track width adjustment of 120mm each side – for added stability in undulating conditions 
  • Large string box with hinged lid standard – holds large volumes of crop packaging securely and has a recess for cutting device storage
  • Fully enclosed shafts – reduces chance of wrapping
  • Quality brand high profile tyres – more flotation and longevity
  • Swivel tow eye with adjustable hitch height –perfectly match drawbar height for optimum feeding

Two loading position settings allows for fast accurate loading of different bale sizes between 4 ft and 6 ft

HD high-tensile 6mm U-profile folded tine bars bolted to 3’’ solid pin chain have a super aggressive taper to tear and release the tightest of bales

The low centre of gravity and extra wide wheel track keep the G2X2 feeder stable on hills. The wheel track is adjustable to 240mm in total

Convenient large capacity string box is standard with hinged lid, holds large volumes of net or plastic

Large displacement motor guarantees power to keep heavy bales turning – driveshafts enclosed for less chance of wrapping

Adjustable tow eye hitch to match drawbar height for optimum feeding. Complete with integrated jack stand

The 15000lb chain can be tensioned as it wears with rotating cam bushes

G2X2 feeders have a stainless steel floor for corrosion protection and long life

G2X2 Bale Feeder Specifications

  • G2X2
  • 4.10
  • 1.06
  • 1.98
  • 942
  • 15000 3” roller
  • 2 x remote acting
  • Single axle
  • 50 (6 stud)
  • 11.5/80-15.3 12 ply
  • 2 x 1500
Optional Extras

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Wheels -Upgrade wheel assemblies to 400/60-15.5
Wheels -Upgrade wheel assemblies to 11.5/80-15.3 traction