Giltrap G2 Round Bale Feeder

With its low centre of gravity and robust build, the G2 round bale feeder is designed to feed out any round bale - and the odd square one, anytime, anywhere!

The stainless steel lined cradle design is both smart and robust with a low centre of gravity and being able to connect the headstock with bale loading tines from either end, will save more of your valuable time.  You’ll be hard pressed to find a stronger smoother functioning, longer lasting, better value linkage bale feeder than the Giltrap G2!

The G2 can be loaded from both ends and can feed out in either direction. The feeding rate is operator controlled from the tractor for the desired feed row size.

To make life easier, the G2 can be connected/driven at either end. This will reduce tractor movement and therefore save time.

If you are looking for a simple, robust bale feeder with more than 25 years of design behind it you can't go past a G2.

Key Features

  • 3-point linkage headstock complete with bolted-on high-tensile steel hay tines – strong and compact, a complete loading and feeding solution
  • Feeding cradle is designed to be driven and loaded on either end – makes loading a breeze and saves more time
  • Feeds out either side – versatility in directing fodder and handles not-so-perfect bales 
  • Fully enclosed shafts - reduces wrapping and increases reliability
  • Full width stainless steel bed – retains valuable fodder and enhances durability and service life 
  • Locking headstock latch with optional hydraulic latch – quick cradle coupling will save you time and money
  • No ball bearings - all shafts run in greasable cast iron bushes which are impervious to dirt and moisture and will provide a very long service life

Headstock with cradle drive and bolted tines have one longer tine for reconnecting easily. Heavy profile plates carry the weight of the cradle/bale without overloading the tines

6mm steel feed tine bars have aggressive tapered teeth to tear and release the tightest most difficult-to-feed bales. The cleverly designed spacing of tine bars maximises the bale feeding efficiencies!

6-tooth cast sprockets with HD motor drive lugs drives 3’’ high-tensile roller chain

External stainless steel adjusters make feed chain tensioning easy

Spring-loaded locking pin securely latches the headstock to the feeding cradle. Standard release latch is by rope or optional hydraulic latch

Hydraulic motor drive is mounted in the confines of the headstock out of harm’s way

There’s a dog drive connection on both ends of the feeding cradle to speed up the loading process

G2 Round Bale Feeder Specifications

  • G2
  • 1.74
  • 1.02
  • 2.03
  • 520
  • 7500 3” roller
  • Yes
  • Category 2
  • 2-1/4" high tensile
Optional Extras

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Hydraulic ram latch kit

Upgrade the standard rope pull release to a hydraulic latch to assist with unlatching the bale cradle from the loading forks