Duncan Eco Seeder

The Eco Seeder is the smallest drill in the Renovator range but packs in all the great features of its bigger brothers.

All the trusted Renovator components are part of the Eco Seeder, from 25mm coil tines and Baker boots, right through to the variable speed gearbox and peg tooth seeder units.

Whether you want to sow seed and fertiliser or just seed, there is a model suitable for you. Each Eco Seeder model can be configured as a trailing or linkage model and options such as tine harrows and disc openers add to the versatility of this drill.

This is the perfect drill for a farmer who wants high quality reliability on a smaller budget.

Seed size:
Small to Large
Operation size:
Up to 100Ha
Key Features

  • Entry level drill - 3 point linkage or trailed option
  • 25mm coil tine and Duncan inverted “T’’ boot
  • Peg tooth roller distribution system
  • Disc openers optional
  • Stainless steel agitator shafts in all 18 run models

Stainless steel agitator shafts (18 run only)

25mm coil tine with baker boot

Metering wheels

Mechanical drive gearbox

Ground drive wheel

Depth adjustment on the ram

Gravity seed distribution

This reliable system has been utilised on Duncan Drills for decades. It is easy to calibrate and use, requires no tractor hydraulics to run it and it is incredibly accurate due to the seeds being metered from individual outlets for each run.

Seed and fertiliser is stored in a box above the drilling tines or discs and drops into a metering peg roller system with coarse and fine wheels and flow control flaps to handle different seed sizes and sowing rates.

Metered seed and fertiliser then drops down flexible hoses to the point of contact with the ground.

Tine technology

25mm Coil Tine

The tine has minimal sideways movement so that it tracks straight and it will follow an opening disc.

The tine pulls back before it lifts up out of the ground, so it is not placing seed on top of the ground.

Made from solid spring steel with no drilled holes to weaken it so it’s very durable with minimal breakages.

Staggered tine mounting layout to assist trash flow.


Baker Boot

The Baker Boot is replaceable.

The tungsten carbide leading edge with a positive rake angle on the point penetrates the ground and opens up a slot.

The seed and fertiliser are placed at different depths for optimum germination.

The wings & heel of the boot create a cavity containing all of the key ingredients being seed, fertiliser, moisture, air and loose soil which is ideal for fast germination and rapid root development.

Calibration App

Use the Duncan Seed Drill app on your phone for easy and accurate job configuration and calibration of any new or existing Duncan Renovator or Duncan Enviro drill, and take your drilling operations to the next level of productivity.

The Duncan seed drill app contains step-by-step user guides for making calibration and mechanical adjustments to your drill. Great for any new operator or if you're just a bit rusty yourself!

Calibrate multiple machines with the app, and get every operator set up with it too so they can do calibrations from their own phone.

Calibrating a ground drive drill with seed or fertiliser will display the required mechanical settings.

Connect wirelessly to a Duncan E-Drive drill to set up the sowing rates and run calibrations while you are right beside the drill.

Eco Seeder Specifications

Single box 3PLSingle box 3PLSingle box 3PLSingle box trailingDual box 3PLDual box trailing
Number of runs 101418181818
Sowing width (mm) 148520792673267326732673
Overall width (mm) 210426982995299529952995
Overall length (mm) 168516851685285616852870
Working height (mm) 162316231623162316231623
Transport height (mm) 200020002000200020002000
Weight - incl discs (kg) 6107311078113012041256
Row spacing (mm) 148.5148.5148.5148.5148.5148.5
Box capacity (l per box) 252295338338326ea.326ea.
Recommended min tractor HP 606060606060
Optional Extras

Please select your extras from the options listed below then click ‘REQUEST A QUOTE’.

Touch screen electric drive for simple and accurate calibration

Duncan drills can now combine our designs which have been proven through years of development with world class control technology.

Most models have the option to fit our new high torque electric drives and a touchscreen electronic rate control, instead of the standard jockey wheel with mechanical drive. This advanced system is simple to use and gives the user instant feedback about the operating state of the drill.

Packed with features, including: 

  • Precision and flexibility to vary planting rates electronically
  • Fingertip calibration adjustments
  • Includes touch-screen control for turning planting on and off
  • Checks drilling rates and areas planted in real time
  • High torque electric motor drives and reduction gearboxes
  • Visual and audible warnings of drilling rates and bin levels
  • Transfer job data between the field and the office using a USB port

Add a GPS aerial for coverage mapping, record keeping and proof of planting.

Disc openers
Hectare meter
Trailing kit to convert from 3 point linkage
3 point linkage kit to convert from trailing
Rear tow bar
Tine harrows