Buckton SD100 Forage Wagon

A gutsy side delivery wagon to keep on top of your herd’s nutrition.

Buckton forage wagons will handle all types of fodder including chopped round bales, green feed crop, long or fine chopped silage and palm kernel. Our sensible designs make for simple maintenance and it’s easy for a single person to operate, keeping your stock fully fed when they need to be.

Key Features

  • The pressed steel chassis and steel hollow section sub-frame provides torsional strength under high loads and challenging terrain.
  • Heavy duty oscillating axles have durable pivot bushes which can be replaced, and large stub axles with sealed hubs.
  • Simple operation with only one set of double acting hydraulics to drive the feed mechanisms. Feed rates and placement are easily controlled with our hydraulic load sensing system.
  • Large diameter hi-tensile drive shafts running in bronze bushes give a very high degree of reliability.
  • Swivel tow coupling provides stability and peace of mind on hilly terrain.
  • Spring latched auto-release tailgate prevents damage if the floor is accidentally reversed.

The durable hardwood floor and stainless steel sides protect against the corrosive effects of silage

The heavy duty 900mm wide rubber belt will handle all feed products. Feed placement is controlled with adjustable belt speed

The conveyor position can be easily adjusted by up to 250mm for extra reach into feed troughs

Easily adjustable load sensing rate control and conveyor speed lets you set the feed rate and control where the feed lands on the ground

Low-maintenance, high-torque gearboxes are used on the floor and elevator drives for reliable power transmission

Full width floor slats ensure each load is fully cleaned out to minimise wastage. Slats are mounted to high-tensile calibrated link chain which has been proven for years in the gritty acidic silage environment, without rusting and seizing like roller chains

Floor and elevator chains are easily tensioned with stainless steel chain adjusters that won’t corrode and seize

Spring-loaded trip on rear door catch

The galvanised ladder provides access to reach over the sides for adding minerals or supplements to the load

Buckton SD100 Specifications

  • 6.55
  • 2.70
  • 2.60
  • 10
  • 11.5/80x15.3
  • Tandem
  • 60 (6 stud)
  • 1945
  • 3.82x1.22x2.14
  • 2
  • 3x54
  • 80 screw
Optional Extras

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Electronic scales with wagon-mounted display to assist with feeding the correct quantities

All wagons are scale ready. The digital display features backlit oversized numbers and it is wagon mounted for easy visibility while loading and feeding out.

Optional in-cab remote scale display
Electronic feed rate control from the tractor seat

Useful if you need to make frequent rate adjustments

Hydraulic side-shift ram for the conveyor bed

Side shift ram - lets you adjust the conveyor position from the tractor cab for extra reach into feed bins

Remote greasing system for axle pivot bushes to aid with easy maintenance
Hydraulic drum brakes for front and rear axles
LED tail lights
Hydraulic jack
Quick Hitch skid to use with a Quick Hitch pick-up system

QH skid

Lifting blocks on the axle (150mm). Lifts the conveyor belt height for better reach into feed bins
Single axle for better manoeuvrability and reducing tyre scuffing on concrete feed pads