Duncan 320 Roller Drill

A top of the line machine using the same peg type seeding system as all the Duncan drills.  This unit will handle all seeds from turnips to peas and maize.

Key Features

  • Rubber encased roller axle bearings
  • 3" roller axles
  • Jack stand
  • Safety chains on drawbar
  • Deflector tabs on each end of the frame
  • Turnbuckle for drawbar adjustment
  • Safety support chain for transport
  • Agitator shaft and vees in bottom of boxes
  • Weigh kit
Gravity seed distribution

This reliable system has been utilised on Duncan Drills for decades. It is easy to calibrate and use, requires no tractor hydraulics to run it and it is incredibly accurate due to the seeds being metered from individual outlets for each run.

Seed and fertiliser is stored in a box above the drilling tines or discs and drops into a metering peg roller system with coarse and fine wheels and flow control flaps to handle different seed sizes and sowing rates.

Metered seed and fertiliser then drops down flexible hoses to the point of contact with the ground.

320 Roller Drill Specifications

9FT 10FT
Working width (mm) 2780 3105
Overall width (mm) 3125 3455
Length (mm) 4170 4170
Transport height (with wheels up) (mm) 2010 2010
Weight (unladen) (kg) 2340 2600
Box capacity (approx) (L) 441 488
Working height 1565 1565
Optional Extras

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Rear hydraulics
Seed level indicators
9' Scraper kit
10' Scraper kit
Transport wheel kit (no tow)