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The world’s best pasture and crops demand the world’s best technology.

Our world-best drilling technology is helping farmers produce some of the world’s highest yielding pasture for all stock grazing applications – delivering improved milk output, greater returns from sheep and beef, and improved crop yields. We understand farming conditions, so all Duncan products can be relied upon to deliver reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and longer machine life, whatever the demands placed on them.

Duncan Tine Drills

With a lower initial investment and less ongoing maintenance costs than disc drills with no compromise on performance, our Renovator Tine Drills make great economic sense. Duncan Tine Drills will perform equally well in cultivated ground or direct drilling into virgin ground, existing pasture or crops.

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Duncan Disc Drills

Available in either double or triple disc configurations, we have a Duncan Enviro Disc Drill that is right for your application. With our unrivalled ability to follow ground contour and deliver seed evenly on all terrain, we are helping farmers produce some of the highest yielding pastures and crops in the world.

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