Giltrap Multiplus 19

Feeding square bales, round bales, pit silage or beet?

No matter what you've got to feed, the Giltrap MultiPlus Feeder will get the job done efficiently with minimal waste.

Key Features

  • Can feed out both sides & into troughs
  • Rate control on the cross floor chain with elevator load sensing valve for an evenly controlled feed rate
  • High sides are standard for stacking two layers of square bales
  • Hydraulic tilting elevator on right hand side with concertina anti-spillage plate
  • LED lights
  • Heavy duty tandem axles with remote greasing points

Stainless steel chain tensioning adjusters are easy to access and won’t rust

Quick release gate on the rear eliminates damage if the load is reversed by accident. The gate swings fully open to load bales through the rear

Rope rails run the full length of the body to tie bale twine on to. The twine strips off the bale as the load moves forward

Zinc plated steel concertina plates reduce spillage from the folding elevator

Combined Hardox450® and Strenx700® tub body for unmatched structural strength and toughness

Both the main floor and cross conveyor are driven by high torque rated hydraulically driven reduction gearboxes

Full width floor slats ensure each load is fully cleaned out to minimise wastage. The slats are mounted to hi-tensile calibrated link chain which has been proven for years in the gritty acidic silage environment, without rusting and seizing, and the floor can be reversed if necessary

MultiPlus 19 Specifications

  • 6 x 1800 dia.
  • 7 to 7' long (single layer)
  • 18.9
  • 12000
  • 6565
  • 8160
  • 9930
  • 2100
  • 2890
  • 90 8 stud unbraked
  • 500/60-22.5
  • Oscillating beam
  • 1495
  • 2615
  • 4 chains/slat moving floor
Optional Extras

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Hydraulic brakes

Hydraulic brakes provide operator safety and allow machine operation in difficult terrain.

Hydraulic brakes are available for most machines.  On tandem axles, brakes are fitted to the front hubs only.  If necessary, 4-wheel braking is available.  The drum brakes work off external tractor hydraulics and have an adjustable relief valve and hoses included in the kit.

Braking systems are also available for tractors fitted with factory braking circuits that then operate when the brake pedal is depressed.

Joystick electric control for all 3 functions
Visibility kit
Electronic weighing system with wireless display
Switched diverter valve control for 2 functions
Optional bale shredder on left hand side