Duncan Kiwifruit Seeder

The name says it all when it comes to the Duncan Kiwifruit Seeder.

At only 1.48m high, this little double disc drill is designed specifically for planting under the canopy in horticultural applications. The 3 point linkage hitch makes it easy to get in and out of the rows at the headlands.

It's fitted with side guards to protect the gearbox and flap handles from the branches, so you can be assured the seeder settings don't get knocked, and it will operate correctly all day long.

The double disc system can be used with or without press wheels and can sow into a range of soil types. The disc system will also run over small branches or prunings on the ground without dragging them.

The powder coated Kiwifruit Seeder looks good, it’s tough and it will be a valuable asset to your horticulture operation for many years.

Seed size:
Small to large
Operation size:
Up to 100Ha
Key Features

  • Large diameter discs to cut through trash
  • Peg tooth roller units for sowing a variety of seeds and fertilisers
  • Rear foot board
  • Weather skirts to protect the outlet units in damp conditions
  • Weigh kit to weigh seed and fertiliser
  • Twin boxes
  • Simple calibration system
  • Agitator shaft prevents seed compaction and vees in the bottom of boxes to improve seed flow
  • Press wheels are optional

Stainless steel agitator shafts

Metering wheels

Mechanical drive gearbox

Gravity seed distribution

This reliable system has been utilised on Duncan Drills for decades. It is easy to calibrate and use, requires no tractor hydraulics to run it and it is incredibly accurate due to the seeds being metered from individual outlets for each run.

Seed and fertiliser is stored in a box above the drilling tines or discs and drops into a metering peg roller system with coarse and fine wheels and flow control flaps to handle different seed sizes and sowing rates.

Metered seed and fertiliser then drops down flexible hoses to the point of contact with the ground.

Kiwifruit Seeder Specifications

11 Row 14 Row
Sowing width (mm) 1650 2100
Overall width (mm) 1910 2188
Overall length (mm) 1820 1800
Overall height (mm) 1480 1480
Row spacing (mm) 150 150
Box capacity (l per box) 130 150
Recommended min tractor HP 50 50
Optional Extras

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Electric drive
Bin level sensors
Disc openers
Hectaremeter kit